About Dawn

Who is Dawn Harvey

With over 20 years of experience in leadership and business, Dawn Harvey is a sought after speaker, trainer, coach and entrepreneur. Her goal is to aid individuals in reaching and exceeding their goals and dreams. This is achieved by implementing truth, tools, skills and strategies that assist them in overcoming life’s circumstances. The keys? Change, grow and develop. The one thing that is constant is change. If change is going to happen with or without you, why not ride the change train? When life happens don’t lose it, use it!

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If you want to be challenged. If you want grow. If you want to be more, realize your dreams or embrace your happiness and greatness. This is the place for you.


Dawn Decided To Go Get Her Life

After years of negative cycles, short lived successes and pain, Dawn decided to do something about it. First she learned all she could about herself; the positives and the negatives. Then she looked for and took classes in each area. In the areas that she was strong, she found ways to become stronger. In the areas that she was weak, she found tools to help her turn those weaknesses into strengths. Determined to turn her life around, she read and was mentored by those who were where she desired to be. After she found everything she needed to turn her thoughts, life and family around, she thought that maybe there was someone else out there who needed help as she did; and she could add something to the tools she developed: A Support System!

Personal Message from Dawn

I am so excited for you. You have found “EYG!” I remember looking at my life and feeling as though I
was not going to make it. I appeared to be doing well professionally, but personally I was failing. I was
settling in my relationships and my level of growth. I was living and dying at the same time. There were
times when feeling as though I was dying on the inside was overwhelming everything else. Honestly, I
was tired. There had to be more to my life than working, coming home, paying bills and wishing I was in
a healthier relationship. There just had to be. So I set out on a search to find the blueprint that God had
predestined for me. The journey I embarked upon has added value to my life and the lives of so many
others. True love, success and happiness are possible. Everything that you need to win is already inside
you and I believe in you! You can do it and I want to help you.

I am inspired to continue to develop tools to help women achieve their next level of living by their
journey, their past and their pain. However, I am more inspired by the future. I believe that you are
supposed to have and to live. I believe that life should be lived, not regretted. How about you? Are you
ready to “Embrace Your Greatness?”

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